Ultra refined complex carbide micro-structure for superior abrasion resistance in more severe applications involving impact and higher temperatures.


MC3 is a composite wearplate consisting of a hard abrasion resistant surface layer fused to a structural steel backing plate. The ultra refined hyper-eutectic microstructure in the overlay provides excellent wear resistance against a wide range of wear mechanisms.

Base Material

The standard steel substrate is compliant with AS 3678 GRADE 250 steel or an equivalent in thickness ranges from 6-25mm. Other grades can be supplied upon request.

Overlay Material

The overlay material is an austenitic chromium carbide alloy consisting of a uniform, high density distribution of fine primary MC and M7C3 carbides in a matrix of carbide and austenite as described in AS2576-2455

HiTuff Applications

Trommel screens, Chute liners, Excavator Buckets, Vib feeder Liners, Conveyor Transfer & head Chute liners, Train load Out and Surge bin Liners.

Roy Hill

Fabricated, assembled and supplied internal liners for the Coarse Ore Bins.

Our Quality

MC-3 Wear plate has been developed using Australian technology and applying a ‘customer-orientated solution’ rationale. By assessing the key features of traditional chromium carbide overlay products, processes and even quench and tempered steels in successful abrasive wear applications, a discriminating production process was designed to produce a chromium carbide overlay that pushes beyond the application limitations of existing products.