Our Grades


The general purpose fine grained austenitic chromium carbide grade that provides a solution for most applications.


Ultra refined complex carbide micro-structure for superior abrasion resistance in more severe applications involving impact and higher temperatures.


Fine grained martensitic complex carbide for exceptional abrasion resistance in low impact and erosive applications.


The addition of the smaller Tungsten carbides fill the spaces between the primary Chromium carbide reducing the inter carbide spacing.

Maximum Productivity. Minimum Downtime.

MC-3’s unique “3in1- micro carbide” micro-structure continues to push the product into new technically demanding applications with a proven reliability that delivers exceptional and durable wear life.

The refined chromium carbide based micro-structures in MC-3 products provide maximum value. MC-3 is the preferred wear plate solution in abrasive wear applications.

Wear Life.

MC-3’s general purpose grade DuAll has raised the benchmark in high stress abrasion. Typical wear rates as shown in the wear pyramid.










  • Up to 200% improvement over direct competitor products
  • Up to 400% improvement over alloy white irons such as NiHard 4
  • Up to 700% improvement over abrasion resistant steels

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Our Quality

MC-3 Wear plate has been developed using Australian technology and applying a ‘customer-orientated solution’ rationale. By assessing the key features of traditional chromium carbide overlay products, processes and even quench and tempered steels in successful abrasive wear applications, a discriminating production process was designed to produce a chromium carbide overlay that pushes beyond the application limitations of existing products.